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    Frontier hat auf Youtube einen neuen Trailer zu dem heute erschienenen Summer Update veröffentlicht. Eine Liste aller Neuerungen findet ihr in Kürze hier.

    Nachfolgend findet ihr die Patchnotes von Steam in denen alle neuen Funktionen des Updates genauer beschrieben werden:

    New Features

    Display Sequencer - a powerful new tool for creating awesome experiences. The Display Sequencer allows you to trigger objects just like coasters and rides do
    Find the Display Sequencer in its own area in the Scenery tab
    Attach triggerable objects and add delays to fire them off at specific times
    Use groups to organise your objects
    Attach other sequencers to the sequencer to next and chain multiple displays
    Use scheduling to mark key points in your park's opening hours, or important dates in the year
    Set a music track on the sequencer to choreograph amazing displays
    The UI improvements the display sequencer has transfers to coasters, track rides and rides too
    Notification added when funds are not available to trigger fireworks

    Fireworks - a new type of triggerable object!
    Fireworks boost your guests' happiness
    Fireworks cost money each time they are launched
    Fireworks do not cost money until you place them. Previewing from the browser costs nothing
    Fireworks that are locked in a scenario do not cost money to trigger
    Fireworks are only triggerable
    Fireworks have many colour options to get the perfect display

    Video Billboards - a new type of triggerable object for custom content
    Apply images and video to screens of many sizes
    Screens support WebM video and JPG, PNG, TIFF and BMP images
    Some image formats encounter brightness issues. JPG with an sRGB profile embedded display correctly and we currently recommend this format for your images

    Video on billboards can be triggered from any source, like other effects
    We are working on having audio coming from video billboards in the near future

    Triggers for Rides - displays now work with rides
    Each sequence in a ride now counts as a trigger
    Use ride sequences to create displays centered around rides, with the same delay mechanism as display sequencers

    Display Cameras - a new way to view displays
    Display Sequencers have a special mode to create invisible Display Cameras
    Use the Free Look camera to set up the best viewpoints
    When it's showtime, use the camera option in the display sequencer to cycle throw and view the connected Display Cameras

    Display Speakers - extend the range of your Display Sequencer's audio
    Attach the new type of speaker to Display Sequencers
    Music from sequencers will play back on these speakers
    You can attach a speaker to multiple sources too, to keep the audio source consistent

    Painted Wooden Coasters - White Woody's are now available!
    All wooden coasters now support painted tracks

    Custom Biomes - create your dream landscape
    A new option is available in the Sandbox and Challenge modes
    Select the types of terrain, background ambience and distant terrain to create the perfect environment
    Custom Biomes can also be retroactively applied to old parks when you load them - hold the left CTRL button when clicking Resume from the My Parks screen
    Custom Biomes can only be retroactively applied to Sandbox Parks and Challenge Parks

    Paint Mode for Terrain sculpting - 3 ways to paint while sculpting terrain
    Auto-paint - paints the terrain you are sculpting based on its height. This is the original method for sculpting terrain
    Use Selected - paints the terrain you are sculpting with the current selection in the Painting tab
    Sampled - paints the terrain with the terrain texture under the mouse cursor

    Multiple Pass Stations
    The new Power Up and Viper One coasters have a new option in the Operations tab to set the number of station passes before braking
    This new option allows players to create realistic coasters that pass through the station multiple times, in either direction!

    User Sound Effects
    Triggered Speakers now support user content. Add your own sound effects the same way you do with Music Speakers!

    No Clip Camera toggle - allows your camera to move through terrain
    There is now an option to turn off camera collision in the Camera tab of the Game Options menu

    New Rides

    Iron Claw - The Iron Claw is a classic pendulum ride that’s been very popular in many parks around the globe. This extreme thrill ride holds up to 32 guests at a time and swings them 65 feet in the air while the cabin continuously spins. The sensations experiences are zero to heavy downward g-forces as the guests are flung in all directions and almost completely upside down.
    Sky Watcher - The Sky watcher is a large observation tower that elevates your guests to 138m into the air to give the most impressive vista of your parks and the rotating cabin offers amazing panoramic views. The movement is graceful and is suitable for all ages. The structure is and elegant and beautiful combination of glass and steel and enhanced with a beautiful lighting arrangement this will give your park an iconic landmark for your guests to wonder at. This ride seats up to 60 guests at a time making it the highest capacity of any ride currently in game.
    Black Out - The Blackout is an extreme inverting swing-ship, and has been inspired by the classic Looping Starship. This ride harkens back to the golden age of when the space race was flourishing. With a capacity to hold up to 50 guests and standing at 22 meters it’s a great major ride for your parks.

    New Coasters

    Power Up - The Power-up is a compact coaster ideal for squeezing into those tight spaces in your park. The train design is very open to offer maximum thrills and exposure to the elements. A vertical lift that takes the train uphill at 90 degrees and then the car then turns another 90 degrees upside down and is released into a terrifying plummet through a heart line roll down into a vertical drop and back through the station, back up the chain-lift again where it the rolls backwards through the station again a couple of times until it’s caught and lowered backwards into the station. A short but brutal ride guaranteed to scare the wits out of your guests.
    Viper One - The Viper One up is a multi launch, twisted impulse, LIM shuttle coaster that consists of two large towering supports that hold up a 66m inline-roll at each end. As the coaster passes through the station the train get hurled up further up the track with each run until it almost reaches the top of each tower and giving the sensation the the train is going to fly off the end of the track.
    Gnarler - The Gnarler is a new wooden coaster car to help celebrate the addition of painted wooden supports. The train is adds a more modern wooden coaster train design tom the traditional wooden coasters family. The train chassis are incredibly detailed with stylish and beautifully crafted interior and unique lead car.
    De-Gen and Bolt - Something often requested by the Planet Coaster community was to have the sit-down boomerang coaster car (Trident) to appear on the ‘looping coaster track’ (The American Arrow) and visa-versa. We not only did this by creating two new coasters but we also gave them an upgrade with a new lick of paint and some minor cosmetic tweaks and they look beautiful.

    New Scenarios

    Goldmine Tower - Some poor fella bought this mine from a prospector, and took out some big loans to pay for it. Turns out it was a scam. The varmint had salted the mine! Now he’s trying to turn it into a tourist attraction with fireworks and Old West-style streets, but it’s not doing as well as he hoped and he needs your help.
    Miss Elly's Diner - Miss Elly's Diner has some great facilities, including a big wooden coaster for a spot of excitement! But its remote location means it doesn’t see many visitors, and its potential isn’t being realised. Can you build on this location and draw in the crowds?
    Starship Hanger - They filmed some pretty famous movies out here in the desert. It kind of looks like Mars, don’t it. The place isn’t much in demand any more – it’s all CGI these days – but the company doesn’t want to let it go. They want you to turn it into a theme park instead!

    Coaster and Tracked Ride Blueprints

    'Steam' - Luna Autos Powered Tracked Ride blueprint
    'Tornado' - The Monster Coaster blueprint

    New Scenery

    Over 60 new scenery pieces including:
    Americana Celebration Scenery
    Video Billboards
    Fireworks Special Effects
    Wild West band pieces

    8 Fireworks display blueprints
    12 building blueprints from the 'Downtown' scenario, for all your metropolitan needs
    2 building blueprints from the 'Oak Island' scenario
    18 building blueprints from the 'Chief Beef's Raceway' scenario, for your Rivera parks

    User Interface

    Career screen has been improved. Parks are now sorted by difficulty and highlighted if they are new
    Added time controls to the blueprint thumbnail screen. Capture your creations in their best light!
    Added text to the Coaster Utilities buttons, to make them easier to understand
    Added a new sort type to the browser, allowing players to find recently added items


    Added new guest and avatar parts
    New face, hair, body and legs for Slim Teen Females
    New face and hair for Slim Teen Males

    2 new Uncle Sam and Liberty hats for avatars. Guests can purchase these new hats from Hats Fantastic shops too!

    Ride/Coaster Bug Fixes

    Fixed an issue where the chain lift could overlap the track on the Black Falcon coaster
    Fixed an issue where the wheels were clipping on the Monster coaster
    Fixed an issue where guests would clip through the Pioneer seats
    Fixed an issue where guests were clipping through their seats on the Kick-Flip
    The speed of the Monster coaster's chainlift is now correctly represented in the UI
    Highlighting now changes when on coaster pieces with no money
    Track supports can now be disabled for the Chopper's Creek
    Fixed an issue where there was no catwalk available for pieces on the Launched Torque coaster
    Adjusted the teacups door which clipped through guests
    Fixed an issue where the Sprint 500 coaster was not using the correct block sections
    Custom colours should no longer reset on the Chopper's Creek and Speed rides
    Station supports now properly appear in the blueprint preview image
    Fixed an issue where selecting a track piece produced no sound
    Adjusted the camera so players cannot push the camera too far out of the playable area
    Fixed an issue where the Flying Stingray coaster clipped through the station
    Fixed an issue where the cabin positions of the ZoZo ride would reverse
    Fixed an issue where incomplete and block section rides would not continue testing after loading
    Fixed an issue where the cinematic camera would go through the roof of the Bumpin Derby ride
    Updated the Choppers Creek ride to have supports at all heights
    Steel Hydra tires now rotate correctly
    Fixed an issue where the Steel Hydra chain lift had an incorrect ladder
    Fixed an issue where the Sprint 500 wheels were floating
    A ride's floor will no longer disappear if the ride is raised with a building piece selected
    Boomerang coasters can now correctly have their supports disabled
    Supports for Boomerang coasters would not appear in the blueprint preview screen
    Go Karts can be properly researched for parks made prior to update 1.2.1
    Go Kart chicanes will now correctly highlight
    Go Kart track pieces can now correctly have their supports disabled
    Fixed an issue where autocomplete would be enabled for certain parts of the Go Kart track
    Already placed Go Kart track pieces can now be banked
    Fixed an issue where the cinematic camera on the Go Karts went through the floor
    Added custom colours for the Malice Unchained coaster car
    Removed unintended custom colours from the Iron Fury Hybrid coaster car
    Fixed an issue where the Sprint 500 block sections were floating
    Go Kart chicanes can now properly have their supports disabled
    Fixed an issue with Go Kart chicanes losing their highlighting
    Updated the lap bars on the Hyperspin to be animated
    Fixed an issue where changing load rules would stop a ride from functioning correctly
    Fixed some sequences on the Pathos III ride which would cause music to restart

    Scenery Bug Fixes

    Moved female guests so they do not float when sitting on benches
    Updated the back of ride signs so they do not have flipped textures
    Music on a speakers can now be changed if part of a building
    Fixed an issue where the collision on the Sci-fi Tower Defense base was incorrect
    Previously placed scenery is now affected by the 'Disable Scenery Collision' option if it is on
    Using a controller is no longer super responsive while in security and ride cameras
    The Clockwork Tower scenery item is no longer free to use
    Fixed textures on the some Castle Minaret items
    Added custom colour options to the Wall Mounted Security Camera
    Fixed an issue where the Square Lamp had dark patches on its sides
    Added some cost to the Chicane Right Road Sign
    Fixed an issue where the Park Bench 2 and Park Bin 2 did not support custom colours
    Added new versions of the Iron Wheel and Iron Wheel Small that now support animation

    UI Bug Fixes

    Moving scenery will no longer automatically open the Buildings tab of the browser
    Added more detail to the labels on Challenge parks, when selecting a park to load
    Fixed an issue where the testing heatmap would reset on the Bakasura coaster
    Updated the tooltips and cost of some shop blueprints to be accurate to their cost
    Work rosters can now be created for objects that are locked
    Open and close buttons now properly work on Transport Rides
    The Duplicate and Advanced move function now has a keybind
    Fixed an issue where the Duplicate and Advanced move function was not aligning new pieces from the browser
    Rotation now works on Half Loop Down track pieces, where placed after a Half Loop Up track piece
    Triggered Speakers now properly save their pitch values in their info panel
    Recent building items now include objects added to buildings
    Priority Pass price information is now correctly reflected in the Park Management screen
    The camera mode will now remain the same when centering on the victim of a crime
    The coasters search field now also accepted the coaster type

    Guest Bug Fixes

    Fixed an issue where guests would wander between the park entrance and a ride repeatedly
    Fixed an issue where guests would clip through park and ride entrances
    Updated vendors teeth to stop them clipping through their faces
    Fixed an issue where guests would leap to the ground, when on crowded stairs
    Park capacity settings are now properly saved
    Changing load rules while guests are boarding will no longer cause them to teleport across the park


    Added a new music track - 'The Wonderful Planet of Coaster - Fireworks Mix'
    Added placeable ambience for Western level
    Coaster tweaks: matched brake attenuations to other coaster elements, reduced distance of Steel coasters, fixed missing start and stop sounds
    Crowd updates: re-balanced mascots, indoor crowd, improved conversations and emotes to be more audible, how crowd audio plays over distance
    Scenery updates - early reflections updated to give better indoor environment mix

    Audio Bugs

    Fixed an issue where shop music would continue playing while the game was paused
    Fixed Go Kart music to stop it always playing at low intensity
    Tweaked crowds which were too loud next to nearly empty paths
    Gave the mechanic a pep talk so he does not sigh so often
    Fixed an issue where particle effects would cut off
    Stopped the Witch Flying item playing its audio once the animation finished
    Fixed an issue where guests would repetitively scream on rides
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