• EQ am 09.05.2017AchterbahnjunkieTeam
    Heute wurde das Update 1.2.2 für Planet Coaster auf Steam veröffentlicht. Das Update enthält vor allem kleine Verbesserungen an den Sicherheitsfeatures und Fehlerbehebungen.

    Patchnotes von Steam:

    General Tweaks
    • Increased the running speed of level 5 security guards
    • Added notifications when security has resolved a crime
    • The Fairytale Village Shop 1 blueprint now has one Chief Beef shop and one Hotdog Squad shop
    • Increased the chance criminals caught on camera are apprehended by security guards
    • Pickpockets will take longer to pickpocket when in the presence of security guard or camera
    • Increased the threshold at which high crime notifications are displayed
    • Notifications of a specific crime occurring no longer appear, if the crime is only spotted by a guest
    • High crime notifications now state the effects of high crime
    • Adjusted notifications for pickpocket victims now state they just noticed they have been pickpocketed
    • Adjusted the rate at which pickpockets appear to be based on park guests and park money

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where security guards would run on the spot
    • Fixed an issue where it was difficult to select guests on the Speed ride
    • Fixed an issue where the Barghest coaster would get stuck if it had more than one train
    • Fixed some graphical issues on the Rocktopus
    • Fixed an issue where security cameras required research to unlock
    • Fixed an issue where the number of guests was not scaling with Challenge parks on the Harder difficulty
    • Fixed an issue where the Blueprint and Custom tab were missing for the Rides browser
    • Restored customisable colour options for the following items
    • Waterwheel
    • Belt Drive
    • Oil Pump
    • Stone Balcony Support
    • Stone Awning
    • Wooden Door Wood Frame
    • Fixed an issue where the browser would not open to the Custom tab when customising a building
    • Fixed an issue where scenery pieces would not put your park balance into negative figures
    • Fixed an issue where the grid heights for building had two '1m' options
    • Fixed an issue where entertainers were rarely entertaining on paths
    • General stability fixes and improvements
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