• EQ am 02.06.2017AchterbahnjunkieTeam
    Heute wurde das Update 1.2.3 für Planet Coaster auf Steam veröffentlicht.
    Das Update enthält neben kleineren Verbesserungen an Schildern das neue Flatride "Pathos III".

    Patchnotes von Steam:

    New Ride
    Pathos III

    General Tweaks
    Resurrected the original 'Pirate Sign - Pirate Village' and 'Pirate Sign - Toilet Wooden' as new scenery items
    We are aware that adding custom text to these signs in update 1.2 caused issues with some blueprints. Please accept our apologies for this change!
    Restored the security wall poster (Wall Poster 7 - Security) and poster stand (Poster Stand 7 - Security) from alpha
    Blueprints that have intersecting parts inside them are now placeable, even if you do not have the 'Disable Scenery Collision' option enabled
    Added the winning blueprint from the Go-Karts Competition -'Princess Amelie's Castle Karts' by TrickyPlaysGames. Congratulations!
    Added an option to disable terrain collision. Players can now manipulate terrain through existing scenery and rides

    Bug Fixes
    Fixed an issue where signs that had been given custom text in a previous update could not be edited
    Fixed an issue where the Speed (Go Karts) ride could not be opened after undo and redo actions
    Fixed an issue where The Robotic Arm sign was re-named "Sci-Fi Sign - Robot Arm Small" to be consistent with the naming of the other signs.
    General stability fixes and improvements
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